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ギリシャ 求人

〔 ギリシャの各都市 〕
アテネ(アッティカ地方) テッサロニキ(中央マケドニア地方) ピレウス(アッティカ地方) パトラ(西ギリシャ地方) イラクリオン(クレタ地方) ラリサ(テッサリア地方) Attica Athens、Central Greece Lamia、Central Macedonia Thessaloniki、Crete Heraklion、East Macedonia and Thrace Komotini、Epirus Ioannina、Ionian Islands Corfu、 North Aegean Mytilene、Peloponnese Kalamata、South Aegean Ermoupoli、Thessaly Larissa、West Greece Patras、West Macedonia Kozani、Mount Athos Karyes

Due to the complexity of Greek immigration policy, practices and data collection, truly reliable data on immigrant populations in Greece is difficult to gather and therefore subject to much speculation. In 1986, legal and unauthorized immigrants totaled approximately 90,000. A study from the Mediterranean Migration Observatory maintains that the 2001 Census from the NSSG recorded 762,191 persons residing in Greece without Greek citizenship, constituting around 7% of total population and that, of these, 48,560 were EU or EFTA nationals and 17,426 Cypriots with privileged status. People from the Balkan countries of Albania, Bulgaria, and Romania make up almost two-thirds of the total foreign population. Migrants from the former Soviet Union (Georgia, Russia, Ukraine, Moldava, etc.) comprise 10% of the total. The greatest cluster of non-EU immigrant population is in the Municipality of Athens –some 132,000 immigrants, at 17% of local population. Thessaloniki is the second largest cluster, with 27,000, reaching 7% of local population. After this, the predominant areas of location are the big cities environs and the agricultural areas. At the same time, Albanians constituted some 56% of total immigrants, followed by Bulgarians (5%), Georgians (3%) and Romanians (3%). Americans, Cypriots, British and Germans appeared as sizeable foreign communities at around 2% each of total foreign population. The rest were around 690,000 persons of non-EU or non-homogeneis (of non-Greek heritage) status. According to the same study, the foreign population (documented and undocumented) residing in Greece may in reality figure upwards to 8.5% or 10.3%, that is approximately meaning 1.15 million – if immigrants with homogeneis cards are accounted for.
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